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Cathy Hudson

Cathy is a freelance journalist specialising in money, property, smart homes and technology. She started out as a mortgage and property journalist in 2001 and then worked for Which? for 12 years, researching and writing about all aspects of personal finance. Cathy later moved on to editor roles covering subjects as diverse as money, home appliances and cars. Her final role at Which? was as Technology Editor, commissioning and editing content on a range of technology areas, including smart homes, online security and privacy, and audio products. Cathy went freelance in 2018, with publications including,, The London Evening Standard, Which? Computing, The i Paper and

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Switching your mortgage

There are a number of reasons to switch your mortgage, including to get a better deal, release equity or get a more flexible mortgage. We explain how to do it and what you need to consider.

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No fee mortgages

We reveal everything you need to know about no-fee mortgages - including how to make sure you don't end up spending even more to avoid up-front charges.

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Flexible mortgages

Flexible mortgages give you extra control over how you repay your mortgage and allow you to pay your mortgage off early. Find out if they're right for you with our complete guide.


Commercial mortgage brokers

If you need a mortgage to buy a property for your business, such as a factory or shop, or you want a commercial property as an investment, you’ll need a commercial mortgage. We explain what you need to know about this special type of mortgage.

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Best Mortgage Lenders | Best Banks for a Mortgage

The mortgage lender you choose can have an impact on your purchase and your ongoing costs. We explain the differences between the main high street banks.

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More Than life insurance

We look at everything you need to know about More Than and the life insurance products it offers so you can decide whether it’s the provider for you.

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Zurich life insurance

Life insurance is essential for giving you peace of mind that your family will be looked after if you’re no longer round. Is Zurich the right provider for you?