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Which Mortgage Should I Choose? | Mortgage Tips | Bankrate

Picking which mortgage works for you is a complex problem, but it's vital that you make a sensible decision. Here's our top tips for choosing the right one.

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When Can I Retire? | How Much Money Do You Need To Save?

We'll help you understand how much you need to save before you can retire in this detailed guide. Your retirement journey begins here!

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Lifetime ISA Guide | What is a Lifetime ISA

A Lifetime ISA can be spent on buying your first home or saved for retirement. Read our complete guide on the topic, here.

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Costs Of Buying a House | Fees When Buying A House

The total cost of buying a house often depends on a number of factors. Here's a detailed guide on all the costs associated with house buying.

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Why you should switch energy providers and shrink your bill

Millions of Brits are paying too much for their energy. Here's how to take meter readings, understand your bill, make sure you're not being overcharged, and get the best deal by switching.

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Your State Pension Explained | How Much Will I Get?

Read this guide to learn about your state pension age, and how many years of national insurance contributions you must make to qualify for the full state pension.

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Savings Plan: Easy Ways To Save Money | Bankrate

Creating a saving strategy can be complicated, especially during recent times. We give you some useful tips to help you stay on track and, achieve your goals.

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Help To Buy Mortgage: How Does It Work?

One of the Help to Buy mortgage schemes could help you purchase a home. Learn about the different government mortgage schemes in our detailed guide.

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What is an innovative finance ISA?

IFISAs are a third type of ISA that uses peer-to-peer investments to potentially earn you higher rates of interest - but with a higher level of risk, too. Read our in-depth IFISA explainer before you dive in.

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Best Credit Cards To Use Abroad: A Holiday Guide

The best credit card to use abroad is one that lets you enjoy your stay without worrying about hidden fees. Here's how to choose the best card.


Retirement Mortgages | Retirement Interest only Mortgages

Retirement interest only mortgages are a new type of mortgage that can help you pay off debt and stay in your property for longer without having to downsize.

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Auto Enrolment Pension: How Does It Work? | Bankrate

Automatic enrolment into your workplace pension scheme is required for all employers. We dissect the entirety of the process in this guide.