5 valuable reasons to hire a retirement planning adviser

4 min read

It’s natural to have a lot of questions about the costs of financial services, including:

  • How much are my investment fees?
  • How much will it cost to get my taxes done?
  • Should I pay for an attorney to do my estate planning?

Cost is important — but value more so. These are precisely the services that can help change the entire direction of our lives for the better, says Lee Stoerzinger, of the eponymous Oakdale, Minnesota-based retirement planning and investment firm.

“Let’s remember to not always measure things by the raw cost, but also by the value we receive for them over time,” he says.

Of course, you can expect retirement-planning professionals to tout their own services, but hear them out. As you look toward getting the most from your savings, here are five reasons to entrust your finances to professionals whose value can pay you back many times what it costs to retain them.