It took Warren Buffett almost 2 years to sell his house — here are the best ways to avoid that happening to you

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Billionaire Warren Buffett is usually in the news for his financial successes, but recently, he made news for something else: it took him nearly two years to sell his six-bedroom Southern California vacation home. When he finally did close the deal, he did so for more than 30 percent under asking price (don’t feel too sorry for the mogul: he made a handsome profit when he signed the deed over for an estimated $7.5 million ).

If you’re thinking of selling, no matter the market location or price point, there are some near-universal strategies that can work in your favor.

“Two things sell a house: price and condition,” explains Andy Peters, a broker and Director of Sales for The Peters Company, the top Keller Williams Realty team in the Southeast (Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee). To prevent your home from sitting on the market, leverage these smart tips.