Savings challenge: How to save money with DIY pool maintenance

4 min read

Editor’s note: Each week, 1 of Bankrate’s personal finance reporters is investigating new ways to save and chronicling the journey. This week, I tried DIY pool maintenance to see what would happen to my budget.

Having a swimming pool at home in the warmer months of the year can be a blast. Especially if you have kids, the pool provides a great way to spend time outside, get exercise and relax without getting too overheated.

But there’s a less fun side to owning a pool: maintenance.

Maybe that’s why pool cleaning is a huge industry. Nearly 51,000 pool cleaning services in the U.S. alone employ more than 66,000 workers and generate $3 billion a year in revenue.

While pool services are popular, they can be costly. A full-service contract can run homeowners $100 a month or more in many areas of the country, says Richard English, a swimming pool consultant based in San Diego.

With that in mind, does it make sense to maintain your own pool to save money?

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