8 weird ways to break your smartphone

4 min read

Ever drop your smartphone into a sink full of water or watch it fall to the floor, shattering the screen as it smacks the ground?

You’re far from alone. According to a 2014 study conducted by ZAGG, a mobile phone and tablet accessory maker, 48 percent of smartphone users at the time were calling, texting and browsing with a damaged smartphone.

Scratches were the most common damage reported, and more than a third of the time, a dropped phone was to blame. But sometimes phones break in less pedestrian — and sometimes hilarious — ways.

We talked to two experts who have seen it all: Ash Darwish, chief operations officer for WSA Distributing, a San Diego-based company that distributes wireless handsets and accessories; and Jessica Hoffman, global head of communications for SquareTrade, which sells consumer electronics warranties.

They combed through their companies’ return and warranty claims. Here are their best and worst — stories.