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  • CD rates in Carson City, Nevada

    Locating certificates of deposit with better-than-average yields in your area of Nevada can be time consuming, but rates have remained fairly steady this week. CD rates may be substandard throughout the [...]

    1 min read Jan 08, 2011
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  • CD rates in Edisto, SC

    CD rates may be at dismal levels, but it’s still possible to find a satisfactory yield. One-year yields this week remain at 0.49 percent. While rates are low throughout the country, a selection of banks [...]

    1 min read Dec 20, 2010
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  • Mortgage rates in Atlantic City, New Jersey

    Looking for mortgage rates in Atlantic City, NJ? The housing market is a buyer’s market, and mortgage rates are at some of the lowest rates in decades. However, mortgage rates are always subject to change. [...]

    1 min read Sep 27, 2010
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  • Mortgage rates in Stamford, Connecticut

    As the Federal Reserve announced yesterday that it would continue to keep the Federal funds rate near zero, mortgage rates will most likely remain at their near-record low levels. For those interested [...]

    1 min read Sep 22, 2010
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  • Auto loan rates in Phoenix, Arizona

    Auto loan rates in Phoenix, AZ, can vary greatly depending on the lender, especially in the current market. Rates have recently hit a low, making it an ideal time to finance a new car. Arizona has a variety [...]

    1 min read Sep 06, 2010
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  • Auto loan rates in Paramus, New Jersey

    If you’re looking for auto loan rates in Paramus, NJ, now is a great time to finance a new vehicle. Both large and small institutions are offering attractive auto loan rates with many lenders posting [...]

    1 min read Sep 05, 2010
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  • Auto loan rates in West Palm Beach, Florida

    Purchasing a new vehicle can be a daunting task, especially if you’re financing. Fortunately, auto loan rates in West Palm Beach, FL, have recently hit a low. Many lenders throughout the nation are offering [...]

    1 min read Sep 04, 2010
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  • Should you pay off car loan or credit card?

    It’s usually better to put extra money towards your credit cards instead of your car loan, as cards usually charge more interest and have more volatile rates.

    4 min read Jan 23, 2020
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