Ad Products - Company Logo Specs

Bankrate's CPC Advertising Program

Company Logo Specs:
  • 125 (width) x 45 (height)
  • Official corporate logos only – no custom or promotional logos permitted
  • Any taglines associated with the logo must be official corporate taglines – special marketing messages are not permitted in the 125x45 space
  • Format – GIF only
  • No flash
  • No animation of any kind
  • File size – 2k maximum
  • All required logo trademarks or registration marks must be included in the file – Bankrate will not add ™ or ® marks
  • Must be on transparent background with no border
  • Please provide any font(s) that are required to render correctly if available
  • Bankrate will not resize images or alter images in any way
  • No 1x1 pixels for tracking allowed
  • Only one logo per advertiser allowed – no separate logos for rate table and lightbox
  • Logo replacements allowed once per quarter
  • Logos not meeting all required specs will be rejected and returned to advertiser
  • The publishing of company logos could take up to 5 business days

Credit Union Listings:
  • “Membership Required” must be included in the bottom-right-hand side of the logo
  • “Membership Required” must be in 9-point Arial font, black only
  • If a CU wants to advertise on a table that does not have the new logo design, the advertiser must:
    • Include “Credit Union” in their hyperlinked name
    • Must include “Membership Required” in the advertiser comments
    • Once the tables are converted to the new format, they can include the disclaimer in their logo only
  • All other criteria remains the same:
    • CUs must comply with our current product criteria
    • CUs must advertise rates that are being offered to the entire state
    • For 100 High, CUs must advertise rates that are offered to a consumer in all of the 50 states
    • All CUs must be insured by NCUA