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Get your rates in front of an audience actively searching for mortgage, deposit or other loan products, and there's no better place to be than a consumer's trusted newspaper.

Bankrate's Mortgage Guide and CD & Deposit Guide give you the opportunity to publish your loan and deposit rates in thousands of newspaper markets across the U.S.

  • What Is The Mortgage Guide?
  • What Is The CD & Deposit Guide?
  • Why Get Listed?
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Mortgage Guide

The Mortgage Guide is a mortgage rate table published in over 480+ major weekly newspapers with a combined total circulation of 60,000,000+. Bankrate’s Mortgage Guide allows you the flexibility to market your mortgage products on a local, regional or national basis.

The Mortgage Guide will appear in either the popular Real Estate or Business Sections (varies by market) of select newspapers. Lenders are given the opportunity to list up to four (4) mortgage loan products, details of the loans (points, APR, % down, etc.) and their contact information.

CD & Deposit Guide

Reach thousands of account customers and investors every week in Bankrate's CD & Deposit Guide in the Business or “Your Money” Sections of select newspapers. The CD & Deposit Guide offers your institution the opportunity to advertise seven (7) CD, MMA and checking products along with minimums to open.

Why Get Listed?
  • Large readership bases/qualified prospects in each market: You will reach consumers actively searching for mortgages/deposit & loan information.
  • Proven Success: The Mortgage Guide is endorsed by realtors, and proven to be a valuable resource for financial professionals and consumers.
  • Demonstrate to consumers that you're a serious player in the Mortgage or Deposit & Loan industry.
  • You will build consumer trust and familiarity with your brand.
For more information about advertising with Bankrate’s Mortgage Guide or CD & Deposit Guide,
please contact: 800-509-4636 or email us at: PrintSales@bankrate.com