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It's one of the most joyous days of your life, so make sure you don't stress over financing it. A wedding is a time for love, family and celebrations. When planning this big occasion, consider a personal loan to finance the many costs a wedding entails. Personal loans are unsecured and don't use assets such as your home or car as collateral.

We know you probably have a lot on your plate, as most weddings require a variety of vendors to provide all the desired services. There are lots of deposits to put down for caterers, event spaces and other things. Almost every cost needs to be prepaid before the service is performed. With a personal loan you can just write a check from your checking account.

There are many great benefits of using a personal loan for weddings.

  • You should not rack up a ton of credit card debt to pay for the wedding. Rather, you can get the funds you need through a personal loan. Your wedding may require a lot of paperwork, but a personal loan can be done online and the money is deposited right into your bank account. No hidden fees and a fixed payment schedule are other perks of a personal loan.

  • If you get cash as a wedding gift, you can use it toward paying off your personal loan with no prepayment penalty. You could also return unwanted gifts for cash. Extra payments go directly toward the principal and reduce overall interest you would accrue. So go ahead, enjoy your big day!

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