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Auto Loan Calculator

Use this auto lease calculator to estimate what your car lease will really cost. Enter the car's MSRP, final negotiated price, down payment, sales tax, length of the lease, new car lending rate and the car's value after the lease ends. The calculator will estimate the capitalized cost, lease price, residual value, the depreciation and lease fees, the monthly payment without taxes and the monthly payment after the tax is applied.

Auto Loan Questions

When is the best time to buy a car?

You should consider several factors when deciding when the right time to buy a car is. In general, you'll get a better deal if you buy a car on a weekday versus the weekend.

10 best ways to outsmart your car dealer

It's the most wonderful time of the year -- to buy a car, at least. Here are some of the best tips auto insiders give their family and friends.

Auto Loan Refinancing

Looking to refinance an existing auto loan? can help you lower your interest rate or monthly payment with 36, 48 or 60 month auto loan refinancing options.

Buy or Lease Your Next Car provides a FREE lease or buy a car calculator and other auto calculators to help consumers decide between a car lease or an auto purchase.
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Auto Loan Tips

Never cosign for an auto loan.

Yes, they may need your help. Yes, they may be a great friend or your own flesh and blood. But it's never a good idea - especially if you aren't planning on having to pay off the entire loan when the person who signs for it defaults.

Check with your local Credit Union

Before going to the car lot, try lining up your financing at a local credit union first. Credit unions often offer better rates than banks and financing companies at car dealerships. Once your financing is lined up, you'll know how much you can spend on a car.

Don't buy a car you can't afford

Too often car shoppers think about the final number they are willing to pay and don't factor in taxes, title fees and other expenses. These extras often add up to more than a buyer can comfortably pay.