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Insurance Basics

Turn 25, save on auto insurance?

Young adults have the highest car insurance premiums of all drivers. If you spend more on car insurance each month than on your car payment, you are probably wondering at what age you will finally get [...]

7 min read

What your home insurance covers

Buying and owning a home is quite an undertaking. Your home could be the largest asset you will ever own. And while you may know what your homeowners insurance policy covers in a broad sense, there may [...]

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Latest Articles

  • Best car insurance in Ohio for 2021

    As of 2019, the most recent year with available data, there were over 8 million licensed drivers in the state of Ohio. According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, there were nearly 16,000 crashes in 2020, [...]

    7 min read May 14, 2021
    ohio city skyline
  • Finding car insurance in Kentucky after a DUI

    In Kentucky, adult drivers with a breath or blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 or higher are considered to be driving under the influence (DUI). Younger drivers have more stringent rules — someone under [...]

    4 min read May 14, 2021
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  • Finding car insurance in Maine after a DUI

    Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol comes with significant consequences in Maine, one of which is paying a high car insurance premium. Maine drivers who are convicted of a DUI will see an average [...]

    4 min read May 14, 2021
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  • Best cheap homeowners insurance in Bakersfield

    Bakersfield is one of the most populated cities in California and has a homeownership rate of 59% among the residents, based on U.S. Census data. The average cost of homeowners insurance in Bakersfield [...]

    4 min read May 14, 2021
  • Best cheap homeowners insurance in Lincoln

    Out of the 287,000 residents of Lincoln that call this Nebraska city home, 58% of them own their homes. Finding the best cheap homeowners insurance in Lincoln is essential for these residents, especially [...]

    4 min read May 14, 2021
    Lincoln, Nebraska
  • How ISO fire ratings impact your home insurance

    With such a high financial investment at stake, it is important to understand what risks your home may be exposed to, and how those risks may affect the cost or scope of your homeowners insurance policy. [...]

    4 min read May 14, 2021
  • Best cheap homeowners insurance in Richmond

    Home insurance prices in Richmond, Virginia average $936 per year for a $250K dwelling. That is less than $80 per month for coverage. Nearly two-thirds of area residents own their homes, which means there [...]

    4 min read May 14, 2021
    Front lawn of suburban house
  • Best cheap homeowners insurance in Aurora

    If you are a homeowner living in Aurora, you know the value of a good homeowners insurance policy. The median value of a home in Aurora is $290,000, and that is an investment that is worth protecting. [...]

    5 min read May 14, 2021
    Scenic landscape along the neighborhood trail in the residential area at West Tall Gate Creek
  • How a speeding ticket impacts your insurance in Texas

    There are over 13 million licensed drivers in Texas, which is second only to California for number of drivers on the road. With this many drivers on Texas’ long stretches of open road, and rural interstate [...]

    5 min read May 14, 2021
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