These are the reasons you need a financial planner


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I get asked this question all the time. Do I need a financial planner?  I’ve put together some scenarios to help you figure it out.

Number 1: you’re in the middle of a big life change. Maybe you’re about to get married.   You see yourself walking down the isle and you’re trying to figure out how to merge money with your spouse. You need a financial planner.

You’re trying to put together your first basic budget.  You don’t need a financial planner.  That first child is on the way and your trying to figure out should I keep putting money away for retirement or should I start saving for college? You need a financial planner.

You’re trying to pay down some debt. You don’t need one.

You’re getting a divorce and you need to get your financial act together, you might want to look for a financial planner.

Big life changes can be a terrific time to consult with a financial advisor about planning for your future.

Now let’s look at retirement. As you enter your 50’s you can see retirement coming down the pike and you want to make sure you’re saving enough. You need a financial planner.

Want to rebalance your 401(k)? You probably don’t need a financial planner.  Retirement is closing in and you’ve got adequate savings. What you’re not sure about is how to make that money last. You need a financial planner.

You’re in in retirement, you’re looking at preserving capital, reallocating assets, purchasing an annuity… you need a financial planner.  Here’s the next scenario. Maybe you were hit by the tech bubble in 2000, or the great recession in 2008, or even just the volatility that’s caused wild swings in the day-to-day markets – you need a financial planner.

Diversification is key to withstanding this sort of volatility, but many of us don’t know if we’re really diversified.  You need a financial planner.

If any of these scenarios applies to you we’ll help you figure out how to find the right financial advisor for you.