As the April 18 tax deadline looms, tackle your taxes in just 7 days

5 min read

Uh-oh. The tax-filing deadline is fast approaching. Where did the time go?

Taxes are due this year on April 18. You still have enough time to tackle your return without making mistakes or overlooking tax breaks.

By spending around an hour a day on taxes for the next seven days, you can get them done in just a week. Here’s the Bankrate plan:

  1. Gather data.
  2. Examine exemptions, etc.
  3. Decide on your deductions.
  4. Find your forms.
  5. Count your credits.
  6. Fill out your forms.
  7. Sign, seal and deliver.

By approaching your tax filing one step at a time, you’ll save your sanity and maybe a little tax money, too. Read on to get started with the first day’s tasks.