Wedding gift ideas for 5 types of couples


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Gift ideas for 5 types of couples

It’s wedding season, and while the prospect of an open bar might be exciting, one thing definitely isn’t: the daunting task of picking out the perfect wedding gift for the happy couple. If you have friends or family getting married this wedding season, we’ve got you covered. Top editors and wedding planners in the wedding industry have highlighted their favorite gifts for newlyweds this year.

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For the adventurous couple
For the adventurous couple | Westend61/Getty Images

Kate Donovan, the senior wedding style editor at Brides magazine, recommends giving an experience that allows the couple to enjoy an activity together, like an outdoor adventure or a cooking class.

“For adventure or cooking classes, going local may be more inexpensive,” Donovan says. “Reach out to your favorite restaurant to see if the chef would be interested in doing a class, or hire a local guide for a hiking trip.”

Donovan suggests checking out REI for hiking and camping trips, and Cloud Nine for extreme sports like hang gliding. She recommends Zola for finding a cooking class; the site features a wide range of classes that are available in different cities.

If you’re on a budget

Kristen Maxwell Cooper, executive editor for The Knot, recommends going in with another couple for expensive outdoor gear. A set of kayaks or paddleboards, for example, is a perfect gift for an active couple.

“High-ticket gifts such as these are perfect for group gifting and it gives the couple a fun activity to do together for years to come,” says Maxwell Cooper.

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For the couple who love to customize
For the couple who loves to customize | Agustin Faggiano - Fotografia/Moment/Getty Images

Websites that allow couples to create customized registries are popular and provide wedding guests with an easy gift that they don’t have to scour the mall to find. Donovan, of Brides magazine, recommends Honeyfund. The website allows a couple to create a personalized registry, such as a home down payment fund registry, or a registry dedicated to their honeymoon trip. Wedding guests can contribute online or offline payments to the registry.

Maxwell Cooper touts Traveler’s Joy registry as a favorite at The Knot. Traveler’s Joy snagged a spot in The Knot’s Best of Wedding Hall of Fame and is The Knot’s official registry partner. The site allows couples to create their own honeymoon registry, and guests can contribute money toward different honeymoon excursions, amenities, or gifts that are featured on the registry.

“We’ve seen everything when it comes to honeymoon excursions, from hot air balloon rides over the Rocky Mountains to reservations at a tea house in Hong Kong,” Maxwell Cooper says. “Traveler’s Joy maintains a running list of who gave which gift, as well as their contact information, so couples can easily send out thank you cards.”

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For the foodie couple
For the food and drink obsessed couple | Trinette Reed/Blend Images/Getty Images

Maxwell Cooper recommends giving foodie couples complementary accessories for cooking and grilling, like a Himalayan salt block for the grill or high-end knives coupled with a cutting board engraved with the newlyweds’ names and wedding date. For handcrafted items, Etsy has lots of options and is great for wedding guests on a budget.

“Wedding guests can find great deals on custom gifts, especially on sites like, where they can message the sellers directly to negotiate or see if they can work out a deal or find a less expensive alternative to something that is advertised in the seller’s Etsy shop,” Maxwell Cooper says.

For newlywed couples who love a cold glass of chardonnay or a modest merlot, Maxwell Cooper suggests a wine-themed gift.

“… A subscription to a wine club or a tour of a nearby winery all makes for a great gift,” Maxwell Cooper says.

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For the fitness fanatic couple
For the fitness fanatic couple | Gary John Norman/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Sharokina Pazand, the founder and event director of Citygirl Events, a top event-planning studio in Chicago, and Kerrie Gallagher, an event planner for Citygirl Events, recommend high-quality fitness accessories that the couple can use while working out. Pazand and Gallagher recommend yoga mats from Lululemon, which are reversible and come in a wide variety of colors, and CamelBak hydration packs from REI that hold water and other items.

For newlyweds who regularly hit the gym together, Pazand and Gallagher recommend matching fitness trackers, like Fitbit. Trackers can monitor everything from the couple’s sleep to their steps.

“Matching Fitbits that track their fitness and heart rate, and not just their love rate, always make a great gift,” says Pazand.

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For the couple decking out their new home
For the couple decking out their new home | Kentaroo Tryman/Maskot/Getty Images

Yes, it’s possible to pick out gifts for the couple’s new home that aren’t overdone (like toasters and dining sets). Pazand and Gallagher recommend “whimsical, yet practical” bookends from Jonathan Adler, as well as coffee table books.

“For coffee table books, think design and art books that they can stack and style throughout their home,” Pazand says.

If the newlyweds love to entertain, stemless champagne flutes also make great gifts. Pazand and Gallagher recommend the Lulie Stemless Champagne Glass from Crate and Barrel because they “sit well in your hand and fit easily in the dishwasher.” Another great gift for a couple who love to host parties? A nice ice bucket. Pazand and Gallagher recommend the Umi bucket from Storied Table — or a decanter.

“A cut-glass decanter not only looks gorgeous … it adds a little bit of fancy to a social sip at night or when entertaining with your close friends,” Pazand says.

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