5 questions to ask before signing up for streaming services, subscription boxes

4 min read

If your personal economy hasn’t yet met the subscription economy, it’s likely just a matter of time. Today, there are myriad opportunities to subscribe to products and services, including e-books, music, dating sites, news, videos, app content and goodie boxes sent through the mail.

If you give any of these a go, plan to be an active subscriber in the truest sense — as in, actively managing your account to keep it from causing you financial headaches.

Start off right by looking over disclosures that could impact your budget but are often hidden in fine print.

“Read all the details of any offer before you agree to anything,” says Bruce McClary, vice president of public relations and external affairs at the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, or NFCC. “Make sure you understand them and are comfortable with what they’re presenting.”

Finding answers to 5 questions in particular — and taking relevant action — can help you become a financially savvy subscriber.