How long should you wait for price drops?

6 min read

Perhaps the most underrated savings tool is simple patience. When a new consumer product hits the shelves — say, a DVD of a movie that came out recently or a new model of a laptop — it’s generally sold at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, or MSRP. After some time has passed, however, that price will start to drop. This happens either because the retailer decides to put it on sale or because the manufacturer itself decides to implement a price cut to boost sales.

So how long do you actually have to wait to start seeing the price decrease? For individual products, it will depend a lot on sales figures. The Nintendo 3DS, for instance, saw a price cut of $80 after just five months, a move prompted by sluggish sales. But it’s also possible to look at past trends to estimate average wait times for different classes of products.

To do so, we researched a number of price-tracking sites to find out just how much patience shoppers need to show to get the best price. Here’s how long you can expect to wait before that new product you have your eyes on will see its first significant drop in price.

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