Clip coupons and get store loyalty cards to save on groceries

I enjoy grocery shopping. Because I like to cook and do most of the cooking for my family, I need to do it anyway. I also enjoy saving money. If you found a dollar bill on the floor, wouldn’t you want to pick it up? I feel the same way about coupons.

It turns out that coupons are as American as apple pie and baseball. The first coupon was issued by Coca-Cola over 100 years ago. All these years later, the U.S. grocery industry still focuses on coupon promotions more than its counterparts around the globe.

“(Consumers) literally receive thousands of them, and they redeem at a higher rate and a higher percentage and higher numbers than any other country,” says John Morgan, executive director of the Association of Coupon Professionals.

I’ll share some of the things I’ve learned about coupons and other strategies, which easily help me save $50 a month. That adds up to more than $500 a year. I often shop at the same chain store every Sunday, one of which is in a sweet spot providing low prices with good value. That’s an optimal combination.