The 5 big benefits of virtual retirement villages

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For seniors who want a low-cost way to age in place, virtual retirement villages offer many of the amenities and support available at a retirement home.

Virtual retirement villages are membership-driven virtual communities run by paid staff and volunteers.

Villages offer seniors access to affordable services such as transportation, health programs, home repairs, social activities and educational trips, all for a low monthly fee.

“Joining a village helps you build in choices,” says Katie White, executive director of Village Connections, a virtual retirement village in Columbus, Ohio.

You’re not putting all of your eggs in one basket. You’re being proactive and surrounding yourself with support systems if you need them, she says.

Anyone can start a village. But there may already be one near you.

There are currently more than 150 villages operating across the U.S., Australia and the Netherlands. And 120 villages are in development, according to the Village to Village Network, the organization that helps to establish and manage villages.

You can use Village to Village Network’s site to locate a village near you.

Here are five benefits of virtual retirement villages.

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