What your room color says about you

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The color on your walls might be painting a picture of your personality.

Paint colors can be “a window into who we are,” says Shashi Caan, founder and principal of The Shashi Caan Collective, a design firm.

Want a glimpse into a homeowner’s personality? Note not only the color, but the shade, the saturation and the brightness of that color, says Sally Augustin, Ph.D., environmental psychologist and principal of Design With Science.

What introverts and extroverts want

Extroverts generally prefer brighter, more saturated colors, Augustin says. Introverts, who may process the colors better, tend to favor lighter or softer shades, she says. Extroverts may gravitate toward colors that are considered “energizing,” like reds, while introverts may opt for hues with a relaxing vibe, like blues and greens, Augustin says.

And homeowners who enjoy more unusual shades — those colors you can’t easily identify — could have “a high need for uniqueness,” she says.

Going beyond the neutrals? Think big picture.

With color, “a smaller quantity is going to stimulate and give me an idea of who you are,” says Caan. But a larger quantity may convey that you’re “illiterate about color,” she says.

Here’s what your favorite paint colors could be saying.

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