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9 ways to live large in a tiny home

Harness sunlight and lighting
Harness sunlight and lighting | itchySan/Getty Images

Harness sunlight and lighting

"When you have a lot of natural light in the house, it makes it feel more open," and that's especially important in a small home, says Michelle Spiess.

There are a couple of good tricks for maximizing sunlight in a small space.

Start with the secret weapon of decorators, department stores and magicians: well-placed mirrors.

"The lovely thing about mirrors is they appear to double a space without taking up any room," says Kingston.

"If you can position it so that it reflects a beautiful view from outside," even better, she adds.

Look for ways to extend your home to the outdoors, says Kingston. "It makes a huge difference. Anything you can do to create outdoor living space is absolutely going to make the place feel bigger."

You can make a difference in the way you use artificial light, too. Position lamps and lighting so that the light is directed upward, says Kingston. "Lighting that points upward makes the space feel taller and brighter and lighter."

And, she adds, "It's uplifting to the spirit, as well."

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