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9 ways to live large in a tiny home

Choose dual-purpose objects
Choose dual-purpose objects | Hero Images/Getty Images

Choose dual-purpose objects

Look for pieces that do more than one job, like ottomans with hidden storage, file drawers that form the base of a table or bookshelves that conceal a small desk.

The same goes for smaller items you bring into the house, says Michelle Spiess.

"In the kitchen, another way you can simplify is getting rid of one-use items," she adds. So opt for things like a slow-cooker, toaster oven or wok over single-use appliances like waffle makers or popcorn poppers.

The Spiess' advice: Splurge a little on a few custom pieces that pull double duty -- like a Murphy bed that frees up a room during the day, or a dining table that converts into a guest bed.


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