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9 ways to live large in a tiny home

Fit the space, not the stuff
Fit the space, not the stuff | Martin Poole/Getty Images

Fit the space, not the stuff

When it comes to organizing a small home, most people approach it backward: They try to take the possessions and make them fit into the space.

But if you really want a well-organized, functional home, you look at the constraints of the space first. "You only have the space you have," says Peter Walsh, professional organizer and author of "It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff."

"It's the stuff that's flexible," he adds.

That kind of ease and organization will also save money. When's the last time you couldn't find something you needed -- like wrapping paper -- so you had to go buy more? "If you can't find something, you don't own it," he says.

And that's key to living big in a small home. "If you don't honor and respect the physical limitations of your space, you will not be happy in that space," says Walsh.


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