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Buyers want a 1st-floor bedroom

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Buyers want a 1st-floor bedroom

Now that baby boomers are getting older, a long-predicted trend is coming to fruition: Homebuyers look for a first-floor bedroom, even if they don't intend to use it just yet. The space can be a master suite, a guest room or a flexible room that can be converted into a bedroom someday.

"The baby boom generation wants a first-floor bedroom because they are forecasting that they will stay in their home longer," Rogers says. "In addition, we're seeing more extended family members moving in together, especially since people are staying healthy longer and living longer."

Frye says homebuyers in her area prefer a guest suite on the main level rather than a master suite, unless they are elderly.

"Buyers in their 30s, 40s and 50s usually want the master bedroom upstairs, so they can be near their kids," says Frye. "If there are no health issues, they want to be upstairs, but they also want a bedroom and a full bath on the main level for their elderly parents and in-laws who live with them or even just visit."


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