Southern United States jobs

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The states included in the employment report on this quadrant are: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.

Jobs now open: 796,000

Highest unemployment rates:
(National average as of Dec. 2009: 10 percent)
1. Tampa, Fla. 12.3 percent
2. Charlotte, N.C. 11.8 percent
3. Orlando, Fla. 11.8 percent
4. Jacksonville, Fla. 11.2 percent
5. Miami 10.6 percent
6. Atlanta 9.9 percent
7. Louisville, Ky. 9.8 percent
8. Memphis, Tenn. 9.8 percent
9. Birmingham, Ala. 9.5 percent
Existing jobs:
The BLS lists the following Southern cities as those with the most people working, also known as the labor force:
1. Washington, D.C. 2,979,890
2. Dallas 2,937,730
3. Houston 2,541,220
4. Atlanta 2,273,360
5. St. Louis 1,283,240
6. Tampa, Fla. 1,171,380
7. Orlando, Fla. 1,024,220
Poised for growth — experts’ picks:
Washington, D.C.: “D.C. went into a housing downturn sooner than other areas of the country, but that means they are coming out sooner.” — Sophia Koropeckj, managing director for Moody’s
Baltimore: “Baltimore benefits from close proximity to the nation’s capital. Jobs in education, professional and business services and government contract work have grown.” — Allison Nawoj, spokeswoman for employment Web site
Dallas/Ft. Worth: “Texas has one of the best-performing economies in the U.S. Dallas has experienced growth in education, health care and energy-related fields.” — Allison Nawoj, spokeswoman for employment Web site
Texas: “In general, Texas had a very mild downturn.” — Sophia Koropeckj, managing director for Moody’s
Miami: “Areas with transportation and distribution-based economies, like New York and Miami, they will bottom out soon and begin to come back.” — Sophia Koropeckj, managing director for Moody’s
Future job growth:
Southern cities likely to see the most job growth (by percentage) over the next two years according to Moody’s
1. San Antonio 3.8
2. Dallas 3.5
3. Austin, Texas 3.4
4. Birmingham, Ala. 2.9
5. Houston 2.1
6. Charlotte, N.C. 1.9
7. Louisville, Ky. 1.7
8. Washington 1.6
9. Virginia Beach, Va. 1.5
10. Richmond, Va. 1.1
Top cities for jobs today: lists these as the Southern cities with the most online help wanted ads posted: Houston, Dallas and Atlanta.

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