Save on home heating

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As the chill of winter settles in, homeowners feel the pinch in their pocketbook from rising energy bills. But you can take simple steps to save big on those winter heating bills. I’m Janet Stauble with the Personal Finance Minute.

Dial back your hot water settings. Water heaters eat up 14 to 25 percent of your monthly energy bill. They’re often factory-set at 140 degrees, but you can live comfortably with 120-degree-hot water. You can save 3 to 5 percent on your water heating costs for every 10 degrees of setback.

  • Reverse your ceiling fans: It will help circulate rising heated air down where you need it.
  • Close heating vents and doors to little-used rooms.

Your chimney probably isn’t airtight, and it lets the warmth escape in heat’s favorite direction: up. You can address the energy elephant in the living room without spending a lot. Install fitted glass fireplace doors to help seal off the fireplace. Glass fireplace doors can shave 1 to 2 percent off your heating bill.

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