Health care — Mike Huckabee

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“I advocate policies that will encourage the private sector to seek innovative ways to bring down costs and improve the free market for health care services. We have to change a system that happily pays $30,000 for a diabetic to have his foot amputated, but won’t pay for the shoes that would save his foot.”
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The former governor of Arkansas opposes universal health care. Instead he says health care costs can be reduced by switching from an employer-based health insurance system to a consumer-based system. Because people will bear the responsibility for their own health care costs, they will find motivation to stay healthy and make fewer unnecessary trips to the doctor.

To help people afford health care under his plan, he supports:

  • Making health insurance policies portable so that people stay covered even if they leave their jobs.
  • Expanding health savings accounts, or HSAs, beyond high-deductible plans.
  • Waiving co-pays and deductibles for screenings that could help prevent costly diseases and treatments.
  • Encouraging healthy behavior that helps prevent illnesses. Huckabee believes that employers should give their employees exercise breaks, for instance.
  • Switching to electronic record-keeping.
  • Reforming medical liability to prevent frivolous lawsuits.
  • Making health insurance tax deductible and giving tax credits to those with low incomes.

No record of votes on health care is available.