Waiting for the day when you don’t have to pay private mortgage insurance? It may be closer than you think. Find out if you’re ready to cancel PMI. If not, check out these strategies for getting rid of it faster. Or, if you are a first-time mortgage hunter, read the basics of PMI.

PMI strategies
Private mortgage insurance: The basics
Need a PMI refresher? Start with this review of the what, when and why of private mortgage insurance.
Under pressure, PMI companies offer better options
As alternatives to private mortgage insurance grow, PMI companies offer more competitive products and terms to their customers. Are you tempted to turn your back on an “80-10-10?”
FAQ about PMI
Bankrate.com financial expert Dr. Don answers some frequently asked questions on avoiding PMI, borrowing against your 401(k), paying, overpaying and canceling PMI.
Quiz: Time to cancel your PMI?
Take this quiz to find out whether you’re paying unnecessary PMI.
Take these steps to cancel PMI
It may be closer than you think. Check out these 9 strategies to shorten or eliminate PMI.