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Scam artists are becoming more and more sophisticated as technology advances. No one wants to be a mark so learning to spot the signs of a con may help you protect yourself.

I’m Sheyna Steiner with the Bankrate.com personal finance minute.

Con artists choose their victims carefully and look for people who are gullible, isolated and trusting. If someone approaches you with a venture involving money or property, tell them you’ll talk it over with your lawyer and speak with someone you can trust.

Some scammers don’t even need to talk to you to rip you off, that’s why its important to monitor your credit reports every year. Skip the fake free credit report companies and go to annualcreditreport.com to get your free credit report from each of the three credit bureaus.

Finally, never give out account information or passwords via e-mail or even by phone unless you initiate the call. If you place the call yourself divulging information isn’t as risky. People who call you may not be who they claim to be.

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