10 insider grocery savings secrets

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Besides couponing, there are so many different ways of save money on your grocery bill. I’m Kristin Arnold with your Bankrate.com Personal Finance Minute.

Loyalty can get you free stuff if you sign up for a stores reward programs. In addition to the special sale items you get, some stores will allow you to combine with a manufacturers coupon for additional savings.

Dollar stores, outlets and closeout stores offer brand-name items, without the higher prices. For example, Big Lots closeout stores provide an outlet for Pepperidge Farm, so if you love that brand, it pays to find out what day the truck arrives to take advantage of its products.

If you know where to look, many stores provide a section for final markdowns. Publix provides a free-standing shelving rack with red-stickered grocery merchandise (never meat, produce or dairy) in a specific location in each store…while cvs provides final clearance items at the end of an aisle.

Any time a store or credit card gives cash back, you should try to take advantage of it. Target’s RED debit and credit cards save you 5 percent on Target purchases every time you use them.

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