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Anchor Intro: If you?re planning a summer wedding, you probably already know it could easily cost as much as your car. And since you insure your car, maybe you should you insure your wedding. explains…

SOT: ?But since this weekend we got the news we had to move it up, it?s like oh my goodness, I can?t sleep, I have to get everything ready, I don?t think I?m going to have the time.?

Voice over 1: After nearly a year of planning, the future Mr. & Mrs. Jose Aguilar discovered, due to a family matter, they had three months fewer to plan their wedding and now, no place to have it.

SOT: “Since we had to move it up forward, they didn?t have an available date for us and it?s not reimbursable.”

Voice over 2: A wedding policy might have covered their already paid-for location.

Voice over 3: And according to Arlene Becora who has staged about 10,000 weddings, that kind of thing happens all the time.

SOT: ?We have situations where brides and grooms are called to war. BUTT BITE AND COVER Field A 1:40:06-13 We?ve had circumstances where the bride and/or a groom don?t show up the day of the wedding.?

Voice over 4: So, depending on the expense and time on your wedding plans, insuring them might not be a bad idea. Wedding policies are rarely offered by your local insurance agent… But you can find them online for anywhere from $180 to $400…

Voice over 5: But you?re only covered if the unforeseen circumstance is death, dangerous weather or military duty.

Voice over 6: But nothing gets covered if the wedding is cancelled just for a storm or even if the bachelor party lands the groom in jail. And if either one has second thoughts? Then you can kiss all those deposits goodbye.

SOT: ?The policies that I?m familiar with do not cover that. It?s referred to as a change of heart.?

Close: Bottom line? Like any insurance, the wedding kind has lots of exclusions. So before you sign on the dotted line, read the fine print. Then decide if it?s worth adding to your wedding budget. For, I’m Kristin Arnold.