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Anchor intro: You already insure your car, your home and your health. Do you really have to insure your vacation, too? It could help you save money in the long run … explains.

Voice over 1: Heavy snow can make driving tough, and flying impossible. If you get stuck, will the airlines foot the bill for your food and lodging?

SOT: “Not necessarily. I don’t think they’re required to help us.”

Voice over 2: He’s right. Airlines won’t pay if you get stranded by weather. Fact is, from hurricanes to hernias, there are a plethora of potential travel problems that could cost you your trip and your money.

Voice over 3: And that’s why, according to the US Travel Insurance Association, Americans line up to pay a billion bucks a year for the security of travel insurance.

Voice over 4: But is it worth it? These policies have lots of fine print. And some experienced travelers have had so many issues, they leave home without it.

SOT: “I’ve had a hernia on a ship and different things. Very seldom … still, they denied the claim. Their main excuse that they all use as an escape is existing condition.”

Voice over 5: There’s a lesson here. Read the fine print. See what’s covered and what’s excluded. And check your homeowners, health insurance … even credit cards, to see what protection they already offer. Then decide.

There is nothing wrong with purchasing a little peace of mind when you purchase those tickets. Just make sure you’re not duplicating coverages, and you’re getting the peace of mind you’re paying for. For, I’m Kristin Arnold.