Tips for finding cheap health insurance

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With health care costs rising, those who buy their own coverage are increasingly looking for cheap health insurance. Take advantage of these tips to lower your costs.

Buy the coverage you need

The best way to obtain cheap health insurance is to buy only the coverage you need. Your needs are what dictate the right coverage; so if you’re young and healthy, for example, it pays to choose a policy designed for your demographic.

Start by asking yourself why you need coverage.

  • Do you want it to pick up the cost of an office visit every time someone in the family needs care?
  • Do you just want a safety net to protect you in case of something catastrophic?
  • What do you typically spend on health care in a year?
  • Do you make a couple of office visits during flu season, or do you have chronic problems that require regular care and prescriptions?

The answers to these questions will help you eliminate coverage you’re less likely to use, and that can add up to real savings.

Get a quote online

While your options will vary depending on your state, the best way to find cheap health insurance is to start by getting a rate quote online. That’ll give you an idea of the prices that are out there. But don’t just rely on the premium alone. Get a full explanation of benefits, and be sure to factor in what you’ll pay for out-of-pocket costs based on your experience over previous years.

Ask before you buy

Finding a bargain on health insurance is a good thing. But if the insurer is a nightmare, you’ll almost certainly get less than you pay for. So before you sign on the dotted line, check out the carrier by asking your friends who are already with the company. And ask your state’s insurance department to see if you can get the carrier’s complaint ratio and any other relevant information.