My mate keeps losing auto insurance. Why?

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Dear Insurance Adviser,
My partner keeps getting dropped by auto insurance companies. He was dropped three times last year, and the reason that’s always given is that a credit report has a discrepancy regarding where he lives. How can we resolve this issue about his address? We have tried to rectify the matter by sending in proof, but to no avail. Is he permanently flagged in some way that’s causing each insurance company to drop him for the same reason? We desperately need your answer, because we both rely on his car.
— Candace

Dear Candace,
Someone is not providing you the whole story. An auto insurance company would not drop a customer if it couldn’t verify his address. If the insurer is convinced that he has a different address from the one on the policy, it would simply rate him differently, based on the geographical auto rates for that particular area. There must be something else going on.

Since you both “rely on his car,” I assume that you reside together. Here’s what I suggest you do:

  • Make sure that his driver’s license address is correct.
  • Meet with a top insurance agent and explain the problem to the agent.
  • Request that the agent call any insurance company you’re considering and get underwriting approval upfront.

That should solve the problem.

I have a caution for you. If you are a licensed driver in the household with a policy that’s under your partner’s name, you have too little coverage. You have no automatic coverage to drive other cars, meaning you’d be completely uninsured if you were to borrow or rent a car and cause a serious injury.

There is an easy fix to this problem that your agent also should negotiate with the underwriter. Go with an auto insurance company that is agreeable to listing both your names on the face sheet of the policy. The two of you would be regarded as “co-named insureds” — providing the highest level of coverage for each of you.

Good luck.

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