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Bedbugs are back at America’s tourist spots, lending new meaning to the term “blood-sucking hotel rates.” I’m Clark Palmer with your Bankrate.com Personal Finance Minute.

Earlier this year, it was reported that one in five Americans has faced a bedbug infestation in his or her home or knows someone who has encountered bedbugs in a hotel or home.

That’s why business has been brisk for Willis North America, one of a handful of insurance brokers to offer bedbug insurance to hotels, resorts and rental properties. Policy underwriters often team with pest control companies as Orkin and Terminix to evict the bedbugs.

Willis bedbug insurance covers the cost to eradicate the pests and return the property to normal. It also pays those insured for their losses from lost bookings and business interruption. The company even deploys a crisis team to rescue the property’s reputation.

“Bugophobes” desperate for an insurance supplement won’t find it in a commercial bedbug insurance policy. The cost would run triple to a homeowners’ premium. Better to put the money toward an annual contract with a local pest control company.

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