4 tips to save money on van insurance

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If you have a van, you need van insurance. It sounds pretty simple, but if you fail to do your homework and follow a few safety measures, you may wind up paying too much to insure your vehicle.

Vans have seen many improvements over the years, and newer models sport enhanced comfort, reliability, efficiency and safety. However, their large size and unique shape can cause stability issues and obstruct the views of other drivers. This can mean more collisions and higher van insurance rates.

Ways to ensure low van insurance premiums

Fewer accidents equal lower van insurance premiums. Here’s how you can protect yourself, your passengers, your van and van insurance premiums every time you take the wheel:

  • Check your tires. Keep yourself, your passengers, other drivers and your vehicle safe by always inspecting your tires before hitting the road. Tire blowouts are among the most common reasons drivers lose control of their vehicles.
  • Make sure all passengers wear a seat belt. According to the statistics, people wearing seat belts during a van collision are less likely to experience injuries and more likely to survive an accident. Ultimately, this should help your van insurance rates.
  • Don’t let inexperienced drivers behind your wheel. Driving a van is a little bit different than driving a car or SUV. Therefore, it’s best to leave the driving to someone who knows how to handle the unique challenges presented by this type of vehicle.
  • Put down your cell phone. Talking or texting on your cell phone while driving requires a great deal of focus — focus that should be centered on the road ahead. To reduce your chances of an accident, limit distractions such as phone calls and heated conversations, and always make sure you’re well rested before driving.

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