Job offer comparison work sheet

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Instructions: Fill in as much information as possible to determine the true monetary value of each job offer.

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Offer A Offer B Offer C
Basic Information      
Company name      
Company contact      
E-mail address      
Phone number      
Monetary compensation      
Monthly salary      
Annual salary      
Signing bonus      
Periodic bonuses      
Housing allowance      
Car allowance      
Phone allowance      
Commission (percent or dollar amount)      
Vacation days      
Personal/sick days      
Profit sharing      
401(k) match (percent)      
Other benefits      
Vision coverage      
Flexible spending account      
Life insurance      
Short-term disability      
Long-term disability      
Long-term care insurance      
Severance provisions      
Tuition reimbursement      
Adoption assistance      
Domestic partner benefits/on-site day care      
Total Compensation