Even famous folks budget

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Celebrity Q&A

Al Franken

Comedian, author (“Rush Limbaugh Is a Big, Fat Idiot,” “The Truth (with jokes)”)

Fame & Fortune Q&A:
Bankrate: Tell us what you learned about budgeting from your father’s mother.
Franken: It was a very odd wrinkle in my family’s financial history. She was one step up from a lady who collects cans and leaves $200,000 to the city of Memphis or something. She lived in this little apartment in Washington Heights, in this lousy area of New York that became lousier every day. And if you’d come she would bake an apple pie, and she’d have the same dress and shoes on that she’d worn for 60 years, and she’d steam stamps off envelopes, that kind of thing. I still have a vestige of that mentality. And she, by virtue of investing and stuff like that, left our family a couple hundred thousand dollars or something, which actually meant something then.

Lesson learned: 
Live frugally, pass on to the next generation
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