Choosing a lender

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Which lender is right for you?

Borrowers have plenty of options when it comes to lenders, and some may be a better fit than others. Analyze your situation and see which would be best for you.
What kind of borrower are you?
Best source to shop
  • Excellent credit
  • Easy access to financial documents
  • Long-time employee of one company
Internet lender, bank or mortgage bank
  • Self-employed borrower
  • Don’t want to share data about income or assets with mortgage provider
Mortgage broker
  • Repeat home shopper
  • Rate-and-term refinance customer
  • Financially savvy
Internet lender
  • ARM shopper
  • “Relationship” customer with many accounts at one institution
Bank, thrift
  • Convenience shopper
  • Want easiest loan to get even if it costs more
Home builder or real estate agency lender
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