Credit card issuers are finalizing adjustments to new rules and regulations under the Credit CARD Act of 2009, and understanding revamped credit card terms is a crucial piece of your financial well-being. If you are searching for a new card, educating yourself on updated credit card information can help steer your search toward a card that fits your spending style.

Here are three questions to ask yourself as you browse credit card information:

How rewarding are those reward points?

While many reward cards include great benefits and tempting redeemable offers, it’s important to make sure that they outweigh any fees or additional card restrictions.

How quickly can service fees add up?

While you may expect many services associated with credit card account maintenance to be complimentary, card issuers may not agree. From charging for expedited payments to fees for making overseas purchases, many credit card costs may be buried in the fine print. The Bankrate 2010 Credit Card Fees Survey includes a comparison of 50 of the biggest credit card issuers and their fees.

How can I make my way to better credit card rates?

For some consumers, a limited credit history or negative credit report can lead to higher credit card rates or an inability to open certain cards. Rather than let these factors weigh you down, there are ways to build and establish better credit. Explore secured cards, store credit cards and prepaid cards with credit-building features to find some more easily accessible forms of credit to boost your credit score.