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The holiday shopping season has kicked off and so have the perks and incentives from credit card companies. i’m kristin arnold with your Bankrate.com personal finance minute.

They want you to use their credit card as you charge your way through your holiday shopping list.

Choose your card wisely. The right credit card could earn you some nifty savings and rewards.

Citibank is offering its Dividend card customers 5 percent cash back on all purchases made at department stores, clothing stores and electronic stores through Dec. 31. Cash back rebates earned with the card are limited to $300 per calendar year.

The Discover More card is offering its customers 5 percent cash back bonus on purchases made at restaurants, department stores and clothing stores this holiday season. Customers earn 5 percent cash back bonus on up to $300 in purchases through Dec. 31.

The Chase Freedom card is offering 5 percent cash back on up to $1,500 spent at department stores, grocery stores and movie theaters through Dec. 31.

Combining a super-sized cash back incentive with a steep holiday discount from a retailer can add up to some serious savings on your holiday shopping bills.

to learn more about credit card rewards, visit Bankrate.com … I’m kristin arnold.