offers gift cards for its online store in denominations ranging from 50 cents to $2,000.

The Amazon store card can be purchased online or at dozens of participating retail stores nationwide. If you purchase a physical card online, free 1-day shipping is available to any of the 48 contiguous states.

The Amazon store card has no expiration date, maintenance fees or purchase fees.

In addition to a physical gift card, it also is available in an e-card format, and the card is reloadable.

Amazon does not offer loss or theft protection on its gift cards.

Did you know?

You can buy a gift card for a specific product. Say you want to get Dad a drill. When you select an email gift card you can suggest a gift. Dad will receive an email with a picture of the drill, details and your personalized note.

Dad can then select the drill or use the gift card to buy another item.

Other things to know:

  • The denomination you can give varies by the type of card you choose. Gift cards purchased at a store range from $15 to $100; through email, Facebook or printed: 50 cents to $2,000; and in a gift box purchased online: $50-$2,000.
  • Amazon does not offer PINs for its gift cards, a security enhancement available on many other gift cards.
  • You can check your gift card balance online.
  • You cannot earn rewards by using an Amazon gift card.