Financial Security Index jumps in January

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Financial Security Index survey chart

How did your actual holiday spending compare to what you had intended or expected to spend? Did you …

  • At 56 percent, the majority of Americans spent about what they'd expected, compared to 51 percent the previous year.
  • Twenty percent of men spent more than they'd expected, compared to 14 percent of women.
  • Two-thirds of college grads and those earning more than $50,000 said they spent about what they'd expected.

Just 17 percent of Americans spent more than expected.

Greg McBride, CFA

Senior financial analyst for

More than half of Americans, 56 percent, spent about what they'd expected this holiday season. Just 17 percent spent more than expected while 24 percent spent less than expected, compared to 19 percent and 27 percent, respectively, last year. Households with income less than $50,000 and those under age 30 were most likely to say they spent less than expected.

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