Finding job opportunities
Resume-writing tips
Shine in your interview
Successful salary negotiating

Money Management 101
Student loan strategies
Establishing credit
It’s easy to save

Lifestyle changes
Living on your own
Buying your first car
Insurance needs for new grad
Building your career
Quick intro to taxes
Managing your taxes
Can I deduct it?
Bloopers and scams

Tool kit
Tools for enhancing your career
Money management tools
Tools to tweak your living expenses
Tax toolbox

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You got your diploma, moved out of your dorm or college apartment and are starting a new chapter in your life. One hopes you’re earning a nice fat paycheck, too. What a great feeling.

If you want to be able to hang on to some of the cash, spend a night setting up a budget. Like many things in life, if you’re willing to put forth the effort, you will reap the rewards. So, by developing a spending plan for your paychecks, you’ll know exactly how much cash you can play with and how much to save. It makes life much easier. has the lowdown on managing your money after college — from budgeting and getting the most from your paycheck, to paying back your student loans and establishing credit.

Compiled by Dena Dubay, Dani Arthur, Amy Fleitas and Myra Cristobal. Illustrations by Brandy Kesl.