Recession delays divorce

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Unhappily married couples are finding themselves unable to get a divorce due to the economy these days. Divorcing in a downturn can present some unique challenges.

I’m Sheyna Steiner with the personal finance minute.

Selling assets can be a challenge in today’s market and judges often require divorcing couples to sell assets in order to fairly divvy them up. But there’s way around that: with a post-marital agreement that lists all assets and who owns them.

The family home is typically the largest asset for most couples. With home values still depressed in most regions of the country, selling now may not make a lot of sense. That’s leading couples to come up with creative solutions such as renting the home, taking turns living there with the children or simply sticking it out together until the market improves.

Couples will also find their personal budgets more strained as the result of divorce, the simple fact is that two households are much more expensive than one.

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