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When it comes to protecting your finances from cybercriminals, there are the online security basics and then there’s online security 2.0. This is Kim Fulscher with your Bankrate.com Personal Finance Minute.

Remember not to enter financial information at a public computer and don’t repeat passwords across multiple sites.

Experts also warn against using public wifi hotspots to conduct transactions on your own laptop and use extra layers of protection like secondary passwords and security questions if your financial institution offers them.

But on top of those basics, there are other online security don’ts to observe. For example, don’t take social media offers at face value. They may be from scammers looking to steal your personal information. And don’t ignore updates for your antivirus software or operating system.

They may be for critical security fixes. While mobile apps have spread like wildfire for smartphone users, the jury is still out on how secure they are. Avoid using them to do your banking until there’s better security. And that URL, the Internet address of a website? Look out for typos or irregularities. They may signal a thieving imposter.

For more tips on banking and online security, go to Bankrate.com. I’m Kim Fulscher.