Positive economic outlook

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We ended 2011 on an up note with a jump in Americans’ feeling about financial security, but is that momentum carrying over into 2012? I’m Kristin Arnold with your Bankrate.com Personal Finance Minute.

The Financial Security Index jumped for the second month in a row and is currently at a seven month high. Greg McBride, senior financial analyst with Bankrate.com is here … Greg, we’re actually seeing some positive indicators now, aren’t we?

Yes we are. Job security turned positive for the first time since May. Twenty percent of Americans now feel more secure in their job than a year ago … while 17% feel less secure. Feelings on net worth also turned positive for the first time since July. That being said, the overall financial situation is something that Americans still see as negative … while those that say their situation is worse than a year ago still outnumbering those who say it’s better.”

To see how you stack up against other Americans, just visit Bankrate.com. I’m Kristin Arnold.