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Have you ever been tempted to get a new credit card just for the sign-up bonus?

I’m Kristin Arnold with your Bankrate.com Personal Finance Minute.

Credit card bonuses continue to become more attractive, with some rewards being up to $500 cash-back. With deals this good, it can be hard to say no.

If presented with a good deal, is it safe to bite at an offer, only to spit it back out once you’ve earned the sign-up bonus?

While you may like the idea of earning rewards, your credit score can end up being damaged by opening and closing accounts on a semi-regular basis. Each time you apply for a credit card, the issuer will pull your credit report, and it will leave marks on your credit score.

Your lower credit score can mean higher interest rates if you apply for a mortgage or auto loan. Paying those higher rates can offset any extra money you received from a sign-up bonus.

Instead of chasing after any good deal placed in front of you, make the choice to find a card that works for you, and stick with it.

For more information on credit card bonuses, visit Bankrate.com. I’m Kristin Arnold.