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You know you’ve made it when your credit card is made of palladium, carbon or graphite.

Want to be a member of the elite credit card club? You may get an offer if you’re a desirable customer with your traditional card. I’m Janet Stauble with your Bankrate.com Personal Finance Minute.

Premium plastic cardholders lead a life of luxury. The cards pretty much come with personal assistants. A 24-7 concierge helps with everything from obtaining hard-to-get tickets to reserving a table.

And who needs a personal shopper when your plastic packs a gift-buying service?

Traveling isn’t a hassle for platinum cardholders. Should they fly commercial, they’ll have access to airport lounges worldwide. Of course, a private jet is just a phone call away. Hotel room upgrades, spa credits and complimentary cocktails await when these prime customers reach their destination.

Platinum cardholder’s are inundated with invitation-only events, which could be a celebrity chef’s catered party in the Caymans or tickets to Wimbledon.

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