Credit Card Advice for Students

Read the latest advice from our team at Bankrate for students and credit cards. We'll help you navigate big challenges like building credit, choosing the right credit card, and getting off to a good start for your financial future.

Student credit cards: The definitive guide

If you’re a young adult enrolled in college and hoping to declare your financial autonomy with a personal piece of plastic, a student credit card may help. Before rushing out to apply, however, take a crash course in the purpose and function of student credit cards. Here’s what you need to know about these unique products, in five easy “A” lessons.

Recommended Advice for Students

Here is a list of credit card benefits offered exclusively to students

These cards earn you student-specific perks, increase your rewards or credit line and more.

New to credit cards? Here are 5 healthy habits to start as a student

Keep these tips in mind from the application process onward.

Booking on a budget: Get home for the holidays with these tips

Here are a few ways to save on your journey back home from college.

Send your kid to college with a credit card: Pros and cons

Before your child heads off to college, consider a student credit card.

The Best Student Credit Cards

Our experts compiled the best student credit card offers right now. Check out our top recommendations and find a card that will be a good fit for you or your student's wallet.

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